Board of Trustees


The governing body of the Inter American University of Puerto Rico is its Board of Trustees, whose members are freely elected without the intervention of any external authority. The Board of Trustees has played a fundamental role in the Institution’s growth by developing rules and policies which govern the University with a broad vision and which are consistent not only with the reality of the Institution but that of Puerto Rican society as well. The INTER’s trustees are distinguished members of the civic, business, and academic fields in Puerto Rico.

The Trustees

  1. Dennis W. Hernández, Eng., President
  2. Mr. Felipe Piazza, Vice President
  3. Aída Nilda Molinary, Esq., Secretary
  4. Ramón Ayala Cuervos, Esq., Subsecretary
  5. Jorge L. Fuentes, Eng., Treasurer
  6. Mr. Antonio Pavía, Subtreasurer
  7. Dr. Aurealis Báez Pizarro
  8. Mr. Jorge Farinacci
  9. Manuel J. Fernós, Esq.
  10. Mr. Amadeo I.D. Francis
  11. Mr. Aníbal González Irizarry
  12. Domingo Más Rivera, CPA
  13. Dr. Pedro M. Mayol
  14. Sr. José R. Muñoz
  15. Rev. Juan José Pérez Alda
  16. Víctor Rivera Hernández, Esq.
  17. Mr. Luis A. Rodríguez Pagán
  18. Mr. Antonio Rosario
  19. Elba Sánchez González, Esq.
  20. Dr. Gloria Santaella de Figueroa
  21. Prof. Eneida Sierra Corredor
  22. Enrique Sigas, Esq.
  23. Dr. Juan G. Feliciano Valera
  24. Mr. Pedro Luis Meléndez

Trustee Emeritus

  1. Francisco A. Colón Cruz, Esq.