Goals of the University

  1. Provide and maintain a positive environment within the university community conducive to intellectual, social, and moral development grounded in fundamental Christian values.
  2. Promote a liberal education, framed within the different fields of knowledge, conducive to the formation of a knowledgeable person through the development of critical thinking skills, civic and moral responsibility, and a sensitivity towards the artistic which fosters a full life.
  3. Inspire students to understand and appreciate the cultural heritage of Puerto Rico, its origins, development, contributions, and relation to the Caribbean, the Americas, and the rest of the world, and to commit to its conservation.
  4. Offer a religious education from a non-proselytizing cultural, ecumenical, and ethical point of view in order to form a consciousness within the student regarding the place religion occupies in civilization at large as well as an understanding of its relationship with other disciplines.
  5. Provide diversity in the programs and services offered at the undergraduate, graduate, occupational, and professional levels in accordance to the changing needs of the student population and society at large.
  6. Foster the continual development and commitment of the faculty, not only in the application of teaching methods but also in the mastery of their different disciplines as well as in their personal and professional growth.
  7. Foster the continual development and improvement of the faculty’s support staff.
  8. Ensure that the faculty support, student services, and student activity programs operate with the academic program in a way that promotes the holistic education of the student.
  9. Reach constant, adequately planned progress in the field of new technology related to the following areas: the academic program, educational strategy, faculty support, student services, and the administration.
  10. Foster investigation and creative activity in the whole of the academic community in order to enrich the Institution’s educational efforts, increase human comprehension of the environment as well as that of the world as a whole, and generate new knowledge and technology.
  11. Raise awareness of the social, cultural, economic, environmental, and political problems facing Puerto Rican society and encourage the search for solutions to these problems through the identification and discussion of the same.
  12. Promote the maximum coordination and cooperation with educational institutions, agencies, and professional institutions both in Puerto Rico and abroad which foster the advancement of education at all levels.
  13. Encourage members of the communities served by the INTER to recognize the value of continuous personal and professional development, through the varied offering of programs available at the University which will enrich their lives and expand their knowledge.
  14. Exercise leadership in the advancement of the cultural and social enrichment, as well as the economic success, of the communities served by the University.
  15. Develop an educational philosophy based on peace education.