At the University, it is our mission to offer postsecondary and higher education in the arts and sciences through teaching, investigation, and community service, within an ecumenical, Christian context. We also provide educational programs at the pre-school, elementary, and secondary levels.

The INTER contributes to society by educating people with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds from both inside and outside Puerto Rico. We incorporate innovative modes of study backed by information- and telecommunications-based technologies into our academic offerings and services.

At the University, our goal is to produce responsible, well-educated alumni with democratic and Christian values who are aware of their social and environmental commitments so that they are able to perform competently and attain leadership roles within their specific professional fields.

We strive to maximize the educational potential of our students in an environment free from discrimination, compliant with the applicable laws, regulations and accreditation standards, and in harmony with the achievement of academic excellence, critical thinking, scientific knowledge, appreciation of the arts, ethical responsibility, and skills in social coexistence