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Access important information regarding academic programs, available financial aid, and services offered by the Inter American University.


1. Academic Programs

  1. Certificate Programs
  2. Associate Degrees
  3. Bachelor’s Degree
  4. Master’s Degrees
  5. Doctoral Degrees
  6. Professional Certificates
  7. Professional Schools

2. Financial Aid

  1. Federal, State, and Institutional Grants and Scholarships
  2. Loans
  3. Work-Study

3. Services

  1. Center for Access to Information
  2. Counseling

    1. Academic – Assistance in the selection of adequate coursework to be taken each semester aligned with the student’s program of study. Follow-up will be given per the student’s academic achievement.
    2. Career – Guidance in the exploration of the student’s interests, aptitudes, and abilities to identify his or her ideal profession. This assists the student in making career decisions.
    3. Professional

  3. Students with Disabilities
  4. Tutoring – Provides academic support in those areas in which the student demonstrates some difficulty with the purpose improving academic achievement. This also provides the opportunity to clarify questions with the tutors, demonstrate learning achieved, receive positive reinforcement for the student’s executions, and obtain constant and systemic feedback in the progress of his or her learning.
  5. Online Education
  6. Student Information System (InterWeb)
  7. Spiritual Life
  8. Student Council
  9. Student Organizations
  10. Sports
  11. First Aid – Except for the School of Optometry, each campus is equipped with a First Aid Center [Centro de Primeros Auxilios] which provides first aid services and offers orientation regarding healthcare.
  12. Parking – Each student interested in having vehicular access to a campus must obtain a parking permit. Each campus will charge a respective parking fee. Procuring a parking permit and paying the related fee should not be interpreted by the student as a guarantee of a parking space.
  13. Childcare – Some campuses have Childcare Facilities [Centros de Cuidado de Niños], sponsored by the institution, federal agencies, or both. Each childcare facility provides different services, according to the requirements of its sponsoring agencies.
  14. Student Housing – Provide excellent service, adequate housing, and foster a healthy living environment which contributes to the social, professional, physical, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional development of the student. This service is not offered by all campuses.